Deer, Jellyfish, Cat, Spider, Rock, and everything else that is awake and who Knows: Speak:

Do you remember when you couldn’t read? You had no method by which you could communicate, yet you conveyed your needs eloquently and with specificity. Your needs were understood, and you have survived until now through your own intuition, knowledge, and understanding.

‘It is time to stop surviving and start…

Finally: Something with complete sentences from Katin.

My apologies; more constructive sentences will follow someday, I promise.

I have been publishing poetry in Denise Larkin’s publication, The Lark, which is an absolutely incredible and infinitely valuable engine of creative energy into which anyone with an internet connection may tap.


I have recently noticed that some of my…

Average Bird spuriously appears again, asking for water. We climb down and offer water to Our Friend.


We clothe ourselves in a color that expels, and we externalize physical, not…


Named after a character from Delany’s novel, Nova, who likes to write. I’m an attorney, a composer, a flutist, and a pianist who is going to try writing books.

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