Mar 15

States unite and states separate.

When a window opens and a light rain pours

Does a sun set or does it rise?

When I was young and swam from Corea to my place

every single day

ಒಂದು would say to me:

Вы видите поблизости кусок коя?

And I would say:


해보다 먼 달을




🐱[ ånmbâttC:

天[ dyënmpkå: myûmöôrinm ůpů ‘rinm’ ‘た’ kûchë mwårgwräèk nëm fwæchê “KwîC” “希冒電相[U+9FEA (40938)*]” sã é fwi; 米ではなくて、辺ではなくて申C


🐱[ sã é fwi

🥔[ oui, c’est f’oui

🤷‍ …



Chris Pullman

Chris Pullman

My sobriquet here derives from a character from Nova, a novel by Samuel R. Delany. I’m a musician; I have backgrounds in Japanese linguistics and law.